With a broad range of activities and courses, DitFriluftsliv is one of the most active outdoor companies. Their special focus is on groups that noone else is offering outdoor life for. So, whether you’re in a wheelchair, or 70 years old, DitFriluftsliv makes it possible for you to get up in the tree’s top or out on the water. It is important for DitFriluftsliv that everybody gets the chance – regardless of their preconditions.

The Project

A continuous production of videos about the activities, and the many different groups. The videos are being held short and clear, and the messages must be clear, whether it is activities with seniors, or people with disabilities.

We hired Martin from BEST-Production for multiple tasks within documentation of our outdoor activities. We want to share the inspiration and let others see the possibilities for experiences in the nature. Also, those with special needs. Martin has the experience with movies, photos and outdoor life, and his knowledge brings out the message…
Bo Jørgensen

Co-owner & Instructor, DiTFRiLUFTSLiV

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