HANDiGEAR creates slutions to bring people with disabilities into nature. Everything from stabilising cushions, wheelchairs, to specially designed cranes, makes the adventure and the sensory stimulation available. Theses solutions allow people with disabilities to go canoeing, kayaking, travel offroad and much more.

The Project

We deliver photo and video material for use on HANDiGEAR’s website, youtube, and printed media. The company’s products are being continuously developed, requiring the photos- and video material to keep up, with the same commin thread. The content of the videos and photos must convey the possibilities for getting outdoors, despite disabilities.

Martin from BEST-Production has, from the very first meeting, proven his ability to spot the possibilities offered by our products and activities. His keen eye for good photos and interest in outdoor life has added great value to the cooperation. So far, good results – and more tasks are waiting ahead…

Erik Derdau

Co-owner – Sales & Product Development, HANDiGEAR

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