Hedensted Kommune

Competition is increasing on food being brought to people. The community’s kitchens are feeling the¬†competition from private operators, and this requires new ways of thinking. Hedensted Kommune run a number of kitchens that cook for the elderly people in the community.

The Task

Along with the production being transformed, new marketing material is required. BEST-Production created photos that illustrated the cooking process, and equally important, the people behind the food. The photos will be used in brochues and on a webpage, describing the service being provided by the kitchens.

My impression of Rasmus from BEST-Production is that you get exactly the photos you’re looking for – but also, creative and unusual ones. This is where you get the feeling that you’re getting something extra, because the creative photos and angles have been at least as valuable to us, as the ones we envisioned ourselves.


Maria Laurberg Danielsen

Project Employee, Hedensted Kommune

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