About this project

Kajakenergi is a membership site for sea kayakers from all of Denmark, wanting to develop their kayaking skills and become more independent and competent paddlers. We take on a new approach, by publishing a skills theme by the beginning of every month, around the year.

The mission

Martin Strunge is the man behind the camera, capturing the details and flow that Tue demonstrates on the water. The key to quality instruction videos is clarity, focus and attention to the detail, so Martin has to bring in both his skills as a photographer and producer, and his knowledge from canoeing.

The result

Kajakenergi continues to grow and covers virgin ground within danish sea kayaking video material. Having explored venues from the most protected waters, to semi-closed buildings on rainy days, and exposed and rocky coastline, every new theme has been put into a great context emphasizing both the facts and the atmoshpere.

Working with Martin from BEST Production has been a great, rewarding journey. From sketcing out ideas, through the actual shooting and final editing, Martin’s insigt in paddlesports and production skills has proved invaluable and a great boost to the quality of the digital movie content for Kajakenergi.

Tue Olesen

Sea Kayak Instructor, Kajakenergi

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