West Coast Challenge/eXplorer

An adventure race taking place in Western Jutland. Competitors move through beautiful nature and challenging terrain. WCC (West Coast Challenge) is a 24-hour race, primarily on mountainbike and in running shoes. WCX (West Coast eXplorer) is a three-day race, with longer distances of running, cycling and kayaking.

The Task

Both Rasmus and Martin has been involved to document the difficulties and obstacles that race participants are facing, and at the same time, capturing the beauty of Western Jutland nature on video and in photos. Both had a great event, taking its toll on the body from always being one step ahead to get the best shots both day and night. Afterwards, we delivered a large library of quality photos and a video from one of the races.


Enthusiasm, engagement and passio – Martin and Rasmus wants to perform for the great shot, and they do so with an infective happiness and enthusiasm. They literally struggled through swamps, lakes and rivers, to follow the racers out there where the really great photo opportunities appeared. And the result – the photos – were fantastic. It was a pleasure working with people with such a burning passion for their job.

Søren Strunge

Organiser, WCC & WCX

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